Repair and After-Sale Services Department

NajRobotics has been established the repair center of DJI company products, consisting of the best experienced expertise to remove the requirements and increase the confidence and peace of mind of the customers. This center benefits from several years of successful experience in hardware repair, the most up to date and original hardware and spare parts and a complete archive of flying robots software and provides the best services with the lowest price to the customers and cooperators.

The professional repair activities conclude the following:

- Professional Repair of Phantom3
- Professional Repair of Phantom4
- Professional Repair of Phantom4 pro
- Professional Repair of Phantom3 Gimbal
- Professional Repair of Phantom4 Gimbal
- Professional Repair of Inspire1
- Professional Repair of Inspire2
- Professional Repair of Remote
- Professional Repair of Ronin
- Phantom Update
- Ronin Update
- Flight Test
- Matrice Repair
- Syma Repair

Hami Guarantee

Hami Guarantee is the Provider and Assurance of the Intactness of Electronics Devices

-according to the contract between the Hami company and NajRobotics company, the responsibility of detection, repairment and supporting the issued guarantees are with the repair center of NajRobotics company

- In order to activate the guarantee, completion the registration form is necessary

- The registration form is available through the company website and SMS module

- In order to issue the guarantee card for other cooperators and sellers, declaration of serial number of the device is necessary

- The guaranteed devices are in priority of repairments