(NAJ RRC) (Robotic Research Center)

Now, NajRobotics is working on improving its activities in more diverse research fields.In this department, research, design and manufacturing related to different robotic control system algorithms are performed, based on up to date knowledge and along with the best known research centers around the world like the lab of Pensilvania and MIT universities in United States and ETH in Switzerland, intending for execution efficient and helpful services for humankind.

In this center, many projects including design and manufacture of various flying robots, Remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), making robots autonomous to work in an unknown environment without continuous guidance of operator for a long period of time, formation control of several kinds of robots to do various maneuvers cooperating with each other, setting up the vision based control systems for robot navigations and so many others are accomplished. Other activated parts of this center are building management system (BMS) and design and set up of fault detection systems (FDS).

NajRobotics Research center Capabilities


Software design of mechanical structure, stabilization analysis tests and dynamical vibrations, accomplishing the manufacturing process.


Design and manufacturing electronic boards to set up the systems,design and analysis optimized electronic circuits.


Design, simulation and implementation various linear and nonlinear control algorithms on the microcontrollers, utilizing data acquisition cards for implementation,setting up the hardware in the loop systems appropriate to the nature and dynamics of the systems, making the system structures robust against external disturbances and internal uncertainties of the system.

Software and Artificial Intelligence

Performing intelligence algorithms and making robots autonomous,Using vision algorithms to navigate the robots, Creating 3D SLAM maps of robot’s paths and using them in autonomy.