History, goals & Honors of knowledge-based Naj robotics company in the field of robotics


NajRobotics company has been founded and established since 2012, mostly with the approach and purpose of research, development and design manufacture and introduction a new product in the field of electronic technology, robotics, control engineering and other related aspects.
The most significant primary motivation of the company activation is design and indigenization of flying robots in addition to improving their characteristics, performance and manufacturing technology.
In fact, this was the field that before the institution of company, Dr Naeem Ajilforoushan, the founder and CEO of NajRobotics, had worked and researched on, scientifically and professionally and synchronously with the latest coordinated technology and even higher than that, in the Qazvin Azad University. He was the supervisor and one of the key members of the flying robot team in the mechatronics research lab (MRL). They were succeeded to design and build the first totally indigenized flying robot in Iran and achieved several first positions in the international robotic champions. He also held the leadership and training of several research groups not only in that university but also in other research labs and worked with the Sharif University research team too.
His passion in to the research activities along with the highest technology standards in the world, made him to establish a center for improving his goals with assistance of a young genius, innovative and persevering, educated group

Main Purpose of NajRobotics Company

Central and primary goals of NagRobotics is working upon flying robots, creating some improved models of them and resolving industrial, security, entertainment, educational, etc needs using them.
Nowadays, these applications of flying robots are not hidden for anybody. However, in that period a few one was able to predict the growing and expansion of their applications and put his effort and concentration to manufacture this indigenized product. In this regard, so many endeavors were devoted to introduce the significance of manufacture and improvement of this product to principal organizations like municipality, firefighting center of the country, etc. During multiple meetings, members of the company demonstrated their innovative ideas to create new ways of resolving the difficulties, unemployment problems and going forward to make a progressive perspective of improvement.
Despite so many difficulties that we were encountered with, we succeeded to design, manufacture and present our new totally indigenized flying robot, named Phonix in NajRobotics.
After that, we did many cooperation and projects with several organizations. Alongside the creation this robot, participating in several international flying robot competition and achieving top rankings in them, holding several competitions with rule determination and some practical educational workshops in universities all over the country are other aspects of company activities from the beginning of its establishment. Publication of several international papers by NajRobotics research group is another scientific achievement.
Gradually, the domain of scientific activities of the company became wider and several other projects like design and implementation of smart house, some common projects with the company of Spekle in Sweden, design and implementation of submarine robots, manufacturing segway robot, inspection and exploration robot for gas pipelines and so many other projects, were accomplished too.
Since improving the activities in scientific and research based fields needs an initial funding until reaching to a profitable stage and gaining the support of strong sponsors is rather with some difficulties, for the aim of improving the research based activities, some other departments in NajRobotics company begun their activities to support the research and development department. The new sections are working in the field of flying robots too.

Naj Robotics Honors

Of appreciation and Honors Naj robotics